Boiler Heating for Akron, OH & Canton, OH

Many Ohio homes come equipped with boiler heating systems. These systems use hydronic or radiant heat to warm your home by warming hot water and cycling it through radiators. If your boiler heating system has let you down, make sure to call Lakes Heating today! Our team of boiler heating experts can diagnose and repair all makes and models of boiler heating systems.

Boiler Heating Repair & Service

If your boiler has stopped working, make sure to call Lakes Heating! A malfunctioning boiler can cause serious health hazards by leaking carbon monoxide into your home. Our team can diagnose all safety aspects of boiler heating and get your system repaired properly. Give us a call at our Akron or Canton number to book an appointment now! Our team has 24 Hour Emergency Service appointment available around the clock.

Boiler Heating Installation & Replacement

Replacing your old boiler with a modern boiler heating system can drastically reduce your energy bills! Many older boilers are very inefficient and waste a significant amount of fuel in the process of warming your home. Newer boiler heating systems can produce the same amount of heat without using nearly as much fuel. This process can greatly reduce the cost of your Winter heating bills! Many homeowners find out that their new boiler heating system will save them enough to pay for itself over the life of the system compared to their older, less efficient boiler heating system. Call our team today to learn more about these exciting new options!

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