akron-heating-iconIf you have an old heating system or furnace in your home, now is the time to upgrade! Installing a new heating system can save you serious money on your Winter gas or energy bills. Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to provide advanced heating technology that can keep your family comfortable all Winter long. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about these exciting new heating systems!

Heating Installation in Akron & Canton, OH

Old furnaces or heating systems use significantly more energy than modern heating systems. Did you know that replacing an older 60% AFUE heating system with a modern 98% AFUE heating system will save the average Ohio homeowner $14,406 over 15 years*? Our bitter cold Winters can make our furnaces work overtime, so make sure to get the best – often times, your new heating installation can pay for itself over the life of the system! With the price of natural gas consistently increasing over the recent years, it only makes sense to invest in the future of your home by upgrading to a new heating system.

Furnace Replacement: Savings & Safety

Not only can you drastically reduce your energy costs by replacing your furnace, you can make your home much safer too. Many old heating systems can emit carbon monoxide due to age or the failure of parts within the system. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be dangerous or even deadly to you and your family. More modern & efficient heating systems can help to guarantee the safety of your family when the Winter chill happens every year!

Call our Heating Installation Experts Today!

A new heating system is not a “one size fits all” ordeal. Fortunately, the expert heating installation team at Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning can help you find the perfect size & efficiency furnace for your home and the needs of your family. Our Comfort Advisers can always help you understand the benefits of replacing your old system and we’re more than willing to help you understand how your heating upgrade can save you money and keep your family comfortable all Winter long! Get in touch with us today to receive a specialized, in-home estimate from our heating installation pros.

* Energy Savings Data referenced from http://www.lennox.com/resources/energycalculator.asp – Ohio State Averages

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