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Dehumidifiers Overview

What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a unit used to remove moisture from the air. The unit is attached to your home’s furnace and air conditioning system and uses the furnace blower to circulate air. A dehumidifier is necessary for homes with damp attics and basements, humid climates, and assets susceptible to absorbing moisture. Having the proper interior humidity creates a healthier and more comfortable living space.



House Protection

Cleaner Air and Less Moisture Buildup

Proper humidity can go a long way toward protecting your house and keeping you healthier. Everything in the house is affected by moisture, from the wood flooring to paintings on the wall. When the air is too moist, it forces moisture to collect on other surfaces such as windows, cold basement walls, attics, absorb into wood, walls, etc. Too much of this moisture building up can cause dangerous mold to grow in the house. This is dangerous for breathing and can also damage your property.

A portable dehumidifier may help, but it is not a good long-term solution. Portable dehumidifiers need to be emptied and only affect a small area. A whole-house unit is the only way to get proper long-term results. These units circulate proper humidity around all areas of the house and help prevent excess moisture before it becomes an issue.

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