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Ductless Mini Split Overview

What is a Mini-Split System?

A ductless mini-split system is an air conditioning and heating system that is meant to be used for individual rooms or spaces. The system has two separate units; an exterior unit that houses the condenser, and an interior unit that circulates air. The two units are connected by tubes that are easily retrofitted into existing spaces or installed into new construction. This system is unique because it does not require any ducts for air intake nor to circulate air. Multiple indoor units may be used with a single outdoor unit; however, a single air output in a room means that these systems are best suited for smaller areas or used in conjunction with zones.


At a Glance

Clean Air
High-quality and top-rated filters keep your home’s air clean.

Highly Efficient
Up to 40% more efficient than a traditional HVAC system.

Whisper Quiet
System can be adjusted to meet your sound comfort needs.

Smart Control
Thermostat and smartphone control to set temperature anywhere.

Easy Installation
Ductless means the system is retrofitted into almost any space.

Complete Zone Management
Save money by only heating and cooling the areas you need to.

Ideal Situations

A mini-split unit can fit the needs of a wide range of applications. The ductless design can easily be retrofitted in existing structures or installed in new construction.

New Construction

Mini-split systems are worth consideration when constructing a new building if you want full zone control in small areas or rooms. Each space is granted its own temperature control, meaning the rooms being used are heated or cooled. This significantly saves on energy expenses over the unit’s lifetime compared to a traditional HVAC system.

Existing Spaces

Adding a mini-split unit to an existing structure is really where the design becomes the best option. These systems are ductless, so they can be installed and operated without the high expense of adding ductwork to an already finished building. Ductless also means higher efficiency as air is not lost traveling and escaping through leaky ducts around the house.

Ideal Spaces for Existing Structures

Room Additions

Enclosed Patios

Bonus Rooms



Supplement Whole Home System

Independent Temperature Zones

Garage Heating and Cooling

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Single Zone


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