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Could Older Furnaces Cause Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Your Home? Explained

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With winter settled in Northeast Ohio, many families have their furnaces on full blast as they fend off the freezing weather. However, a danger much more serious than the winter chill for those with older furnace models may lurk within their homes. Carbon monoxide leaks are a serious concern that can pose significant health risks to you and your family if not properly addressed.b

In this blog post, the HVAC experts at Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning discuss the potential dangers of older furnaces and how they can contribute to carbon monoxide issues in your home.

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Your Old Furnace Is Putting Your Home & Family at Risk

Older furnaces, especially those that have not been adequately maintained, can become a serious safety risk for your home as they have the potential to leak carbon monoxide. Over time, your heat exchangers and ventilation systems may become cracked or damaged, allowing carbon monoxide to leak from your unit and into your indoor air supply. Additionally, older furnaces may not have the same safety features found in modern models, adding to your risk of carbon monoxide leaks in the home.

6 Signs of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home 

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be difficult to detect since the gas is both colorless and odorless; however, there are a few signs to watch out for that can help you identify this problem early and avoid serious health risks:

Frequent Headaches & Shortness of Breath

If you or your family members experience frequent headaches or shortness of breath indoors, it may indicate carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.

Illness Symptoms Only at Home

Feeling nauseous, dizzy, or chronically tired at home but OK while outside strongly indicates that your furnace may be leaking carbon monoxide gas.

Soot Marks Around Your Fireplace

Soot around your fireplace or other fuel-burning appliances may indicate incomplete combustion, potentially producing carbon monoxide.

Increased Condensation Around Windows

If you notice excessive moisture around your windows, especially in rooms with fuel-burning appliances, this could point to poor ventilation and potential carbon monoxide buildup.

Pilot Light Issues

A frequently flickering pilot or pilot light that refuses to stay lit could indicate an issue with your ventilation system and potential carbon monoxide leaks.

Pets Behaving Abnormally

Animals can be more sensitive to carbon monoxide than humans, so if you notice your pets have started to vomit, are unusually tired, or are having difficulty breathing with no apparent cause, it could point to a carbon monoxide leak.

Possible Causes of Carbon Monoxide in the Home 

While older furnaces are one of the most common culprits for carbon monoxide poisoning in the home, several other possible causes are also worth exploring. These include:

  • Automobile exhaust from attached garages
  • Back-drafting from furnaces, gas water heaters, woodstoves, and fireplaces
  • Gas stoves
  • Generators and other gas-powered equipment
  • Leaking chimneys
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Unvented kerosene and gas space heaters

Get a $60 Combustion Analysis From Lakes

Do you think your older furnace might be causing carbon monoxide problems in your Akron-area home? Get a $60 Combustion Analysis from Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Our team will carefully evaluate your system’s critical components to ensure it’s working correctly and not leaking toxic carbon monoxide gas into your home.

If we find any suspicious activity, we offer the free replacement estimates and financing options you need to install an all-new furnace in your home quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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